...The question is, why aren't you writing?

Let me help you answer that...

Top 5 reasons why writers who wanna' write don't

1. Fear. 

2. Fear

3. Fear

4. Fear

5. Fear

You're right, that's a pretty basic answer so let's get specific.

What are writers who wanna' to write but don't really afraid of?

1. Owning Their voice & using it

2. Exposing themselves & Being Vulnerable

3. Hurting someone they love through their writing

4. Rejection - no one likes or reads their work

5. Judgement as in, "umm, that sucked and so do you" 

6. Not knowing where to start or how to finish

7. Having nothing of value to say aka writers block which, by the way, is a load of B.S

8. Doing What it takes to write

(Hint - "what it takes" is not what you think, read or been told it is -  not even close...)


Writers who wanna' write but don't employ several strategies to avoid the terror that is squashing their wordy dreams.

Top 5 ways Writers who wanna' write but don't, deal with their fear

1. Face Book (distraction) 

2. Snacking (distraction)

3. More Face Booking (distraction) 

4. Cute kitty videos on Face Book (distraction)

5. Texting about what they saw on Facebook and had for lunch (distraction)

6. Talking about writing but not writing (The ultimate fake-out distraction)

. Drinking coffee, looking out the window and cleaning spider webs because, "they're so distracting"

8. Checking e-mail, Face Book and the fridge - I feel like we've been here before, I must be distracted...


Find your voice and use it with confidence, courage and clarity!