Symptoms of a bull-shit driven life

1.   Depression 

2.   Anxiety - often And for no apparent reason or any reason, real or imagined

3.   Worrying about everything and everyone all under the guise of "caring"

4.   numbness 

5.   feeling stuck

6.   Always looking for your life's "purpose"

7.   Seeing psychics & seers hoping for peace, resolution and answers

8.   looking in the mirror and seeing flaw after flaw, after flaw...

9.   Feeling guilty

10.  A constantly spinning mind - especially at night

11.  The idea of disappointing someone makes you highly UNCOMFORTABLE

12.  sickness - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual

13.  feeling Like you don't belong. like a misfit. Different. 

14.  That primary relationship leaves much to be desired

15.  Relationship? what relationship?

16.  the constant feeling that something is missing...

17.  your sex life is unstable, unsure, unsatisfying, duty bound or non existent 

18.  Being afraid to be alone meaning life is busy, busy, busy

19.  Not remembering the last time you took a responsibility free "me" day

20. feeling responsible for everyone and everything 

21. feeling unsafe, unloved, unworthy, UNDESIRABLE, UNATTRACTIVE and unappreciated

22. feeling powerless, helpless, hopeless and incompetent


If you've answered yes to any of these 22 indicators bullshit and is choking the life, joy, beauty, health, prosperity, appreciation and love out of you and your life. Every. Single. Day. 

The good news is this: Once you've owned this as the truth you can clean that shit up and start living the life you came here to live!

So, now that we know that we know, let's start cleaning that shit up, shall we? After all, your life is waiting!

OMG I see it -  I'm full of shit! - now what????









Your Divine Self is calling, are you willing to answer?

I hit snooze on the alarm clock of my life so many times it's a wonder I'm alive!

What I learned from my period of denial and fear of the unknown was this: wearing the tightly clad, rule bound shoes of socially acceptable behaviours almost killed me. 

I did this for reasons I hope you'll understand - I wanted to, needed to, fit in. I did it to be liked and loved and to be safe, secure and stable. 

Like most people, my life and self looked normal from the outside but on the inside, I was a mess.

I was unhappy, unfulfilled, jealous, anxious, depressed and scared to death about something I couldn't put my finger on. My mind drove me crazy; berating me, punishing me and telling me that no matter what I did or didn't do, I would never, ever, be good enough.

That is until I asked it - my mind - one simple question..."good enough for what?" LINK THIS TO COVER PAGE and complete article and ask for an appointment or consult.

                               How to get the most out of this site


1.  Use it. Savour every word, video, resource and saucy remark because somewhere herein lies the ticket to the end of your suffering. What is suffering? Suffering is emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain. It's is the state of being in which one feels lost, stuck, alone, anxious, and like they don't belong or fit in.

2. Ask questions. This is an interactive place, I AM an interactive person. I am available, accessible and easy to talk to. Contact me for any reason at any time - any reason that has to do with awakening that is. If you're selling Tupperware or sex toys, don't bother, I have enough of both.

3. Let loose and laugh. Here, there are no rules. No belief systems. No have to's. There's nothing here to earn, prove or learn but there's a lot of unlearning that's about to take place. 

4. Enjoy the unravelling of your identified, false-self. It can be a real bitch on some days, but it get's easier and faster once you decide that's you're into being you more than you're into being not you.

5. Participate in the events I offer. Show-up with an open mind and a willingness to laugh at the absurdity of believing that the you you currently think you are even exists outside of your own minds theatre. This is a big hint - go to the ego tab for more.