Every Woman's Must Have List - Revised

Like me, you've probably seen the, "list of things every woman should have" more than few times. 

It includes items like a great recipe, the perfect interview outfit, a stash of cash, etc.
All solid ideas but I'm proposing something new; a "Jasmine I" must have list of things that I feel every woman (and man) ought to have.
Here goes:

1. A kick-ass pair of boots. Why? Because wearing them will change your attitude from wherever it's at, to powerhouse, in five seconds flat, guaranteed.

2. The courage to say, "No" without reservation, guilt, or concern for the consequences thereof. "No", is not a dirty word and it is a complete sentence onto itself. Use it for the sake of the quality of your life.

3. An arsenal of words so dirty, so foul, so reprehensible that when you string them together, and fire at will, (with vim and vigor of course) Captain Hook himself would cower in fright. Practice this when you stub your toe or want to choke that "friend" who just bitch slapped you in the sweetest of ways. Do this alone unless you're about to be accosted. This has saved my life on more than one occasion and can be deeply therapeutic and empowering.

4. Savoir faire. This may seem odd after number three but that too requires the finesse to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it.

5. Table Manners fit for a five star restaurant. I like to eat with my fingers and was overjoyed to know that when served asparagus at a high end restaurant that is the way to eat it - with my fingers. Knowing what spork and which blade to use, and in what order, let's you relax and enjoy the ambiance, flavours and company before that five star bill arrives. *Bonus tip - use these manners at the truck stop too, you may get an extra piece of bacon by sincerely saying, "thank-you". Remember, everyone likes to be acknowledged, that's what manners are really all about.

6. Orgasms. Lots of them. Have them alone and have them with others. If you have a hard time having them with others that's ok but you may want to get some assistance with clearing that block up and out. I'm convinced that good, sweaty, open sex is one of the Master keys to vitality, youthfulness, longevity and inner peace. After all, the words, "Know Thyself" includes the whole human experience.

7. A book you're reading. Hell, you can have several going at once, I do. I speed read for facts and linger over the words in a good story tasting them as if they were a fine wine. Reading is another fountain of youthfulness master key. It keeps your mind greased, your imagination expanding, your heart alight with wonder, improves your writing skills and is a magical conversation starter. Always have a book on the go. Always.

8. A past. Be it salty, sexy, suicidal, or sensible own it, it's yours. Then, when you're ready, give back the deed and claim the you that you are - right here, right now. If you don't like who you are, change. It may not be easy but it is completely do-able and it's your birthright.

9. Dreams. Regardless of your age, education, bank-account or background you must keep dreaming. Beyond dreaming, start moving towards those dreams and whatever you do, be choosy about whom you share your dreams with. They are sacred things born from a higher place and if they are to grow they need to be nurtured by caring tongues and loving hearts.

Far from being my complete must have list it's a good start and I promise to add more as we continue along our path, walking side-by-side, in the light of our own Divinity.

Jasmine I