Handling Change

Mercury is direct again but Kali, the Goddess of transformation is still at it.

She's cranked up her renovation schedule and won't take no for an answer.

If she feels the kitchen, bedroom or boardroom of your life needs an upgrade you may find yourself cooking in a new home, sleeping alone or getting real about your career, calling, vocation or meandering lethargy.

I've discovered that any resistance towards Kali's redecorating brings road rash of the most unpleasant kind...

As I tend to my self-inflicted wounds of passionate opposition she keeps revamping my world, her way.

She is deaf to my cries of dismay and I've been stripped of my cozy blankets of illusion.

Standing naked, I lament the coldness of her blade while admiring the precision of her skill.

Kali has burned my fictional house of cards; the home I built and believed in with all but half of my heart.

I know that I am left with the same choices I've always had; live naked or die adorned in my tailor-made, fantasy costumes of fulfillment, triumph and love.

This time, for Kali has paid her respects before, I've decided to remain naked.

My teeth chatter in the starkness of a new reality but I will not reach for my outworn clothes of appearance.

Nor will I forage anew for the mirage of stability mired in the quicksand of belonging.

Not today.

Not tomorrow.

Not ever.

For that was then and this...this is now.

Kali arrives in her fiery chariot without warning.

She abides by no well mannered or proper scheduling, planning or invitation.

Wanted or not, she simply appears and wise is the one who surrenders to the answer of change.

When Kali comes for you, will you stand naked in surrender or will you grasp at the clothes of one who no longer exists?