If Orange is the new black and fifty is the new thirty, then I propose that Soft be the new strong.

Softness demands Herculean commitment, determination and effort.

Let's consider what to takes to become soft in thought.
It's no walk in the park moving that moral mountain of ideal based judgement around that ex who shattered your heart, the parent whose love was empty or that abuser who shows up in every article you read, newscast you watch or child's face you see.

Softness of word follows thought.
The smoothing of a sharpened tongue that's been trained to defend and survive, at all costs, takes the focused practice of a Ninja and the diligence of an ant carrying a fallen comrade home.

Softness of heart shows courage beyond words for it has been blown open by only the most willing (and some may say crazy) among us: 

She who questioned everything she believed and listened to the whispered answers from within.

He who shattered the walls that kept him safe in his shadow garden of solitude; Love locked in, beloveds locked out.
We are the unsung heroes of today for whom giving and receiving have become one and we are everywhere.

As the three aspects of thought, word and heart align we experience the manifested delight of the softened deed.

Our ever smiling eyes.
Our welcoming hands.
And, our clarity of love.
Expressed as elegantly and easily as the ebb and flow of life's breath itself as it sings and sighs;
Soften, soften, soften...

With all of my love,
Jasmine I