The Ecstasy of Freedom

She sat facing the window. 
The sun of the fading day caressed the pale skin on her long, delicate neck; the place where countless leashes of mistaken self-confinement once held her in place.
No more
Her heart quickened with the wild passion and subtly confused freedom that begets a caged bird, now set free.
As the light of the outer world dimmed, the woman stood, naked amidst the cloudless night. 
She gasped in ecstasy as her heart drew into herself the light of her own desire.
Her spirit embodied, her soul ignited, her quest began
Unburdened of control, released of the wiry shroud, breath moving, loins dampened with the earthy fragrance of Creation. 
Free of the collar.
Roaming the world of her inner self, alive, beautiful and awakened.
To Life.