What's a Person to Do?

I once dated a man who said, "If you're fed shit long enough you'll begin to think it tastes good."
This was at a time when I was in advertising. (bet ya' didn't know that about me)

I've been watching the colourful unfoldments that are revealing the puss filled center of humanities collective unconsciousness with as much neutrality as possible. 
Admittedly, this is easier to do on some days than others...

I realize that hiding from what is being disclosed is as unconscious as buying into the same energy with which the atrocities have been either committed, scandalized or subdued.

Many are crying out about racism.

Others angry at politics.

Some furious about environmental issues, rape culture or the lack of "rights" in just about any arena known to human kind, or rather human un-kind.

Coping with the amount of pain, suffering and chaos that is making it's way into even the most positively protected parameters is tricky business too...
What's a person to do?

Do we gather a group armed with pitchforks and storm the castle gates?

Do we have another drink, change the channel or GO TO our favourite channel for a bit more upbeat info sourced from the heavens above?

All viable potentialities but I propose this:
What if we looked at the information that's being presented without the filters of anger or blame began to make better choices around that issue?
We are at a place where we have a great opportunity to open our eyes, tune our ears, and question;

Question whether what we've been fed for so long REALLY tastes that good or are we simply too afraid to stand in a world whose foundation no longer has integrity - and probably never did to begin with.

With all of my Love,
Jasmine I