Writing with clarity and impact is as much about doing your personal work to clear your ill adopted, unconscious boulders of inadequacy, unworthiness, fear and neglect, as it is about putting pen to page.

As a world class hiker of the treacherous inner terrain of why I can't dos this, I am uniquely qualified to help you do the same.

I've included some of my story in this about me section so you have a sense of where I've been, what I've overcome, and what I'm capable of moving through - with you. 

I'm known as "The Jazz-i-nator" in some circles because there ain't nothin' gonna' stand in my way of helping you do want you wanna' do! 


You'll find that once you've walked through what stood in the way of you doing what you wanna' do your writing will bloom - and so will your life!


My Past

My spiritual learning, teaching, healing and facilitation credits fill a large filing cabinet drawer. One day I'll use them as kindling.

I do whatever it takes to get real .  It ain't always pretty, but it 's real. Just. Like. Life. 


I swear and use the word god; sometimes in the same sentence.

I Meditate.

I've passed through the soul stinging gates of divorce. 

My childhood was barbaric.

At thirteen I was a homeless stray.

At sixteen I was a street walker.

I escaped the sex trade by means of a relationship that quickly became abusive.

By nineteen I was hospitalized and diagnosed with Crohns Colitis.

Running from the abuser,  I landed in L.A. and studied with Buddhist and Taoist Masters.

I left la-la land at 21 and upon arriving back "home" I  hemorrhaged my way to the O.R where my large intestine was removed.

This did not stop the internal bleeding. As a matter of fact, I bled out the next day.

I spent years on prescription drugs, steroids, and all sorts of other goodies until I had enough.

That's when I took back my life, got real, got healthy and woke-up.

I'm awake now and assist anyone else who wants to awaken. 

Life is too short - and much too long  - to miss the beauty of it.

I stopped pressing the "snooze" button on the alarm clock of my life through the choice of physical life or death. 

I see now I didn't have to wait that long - that alarm was ringing daily through every complaint, worry, headache, argument, anxiety, stress, judgment, anger, denial and fear.

Today I know who I am. I know that I'm supported and I know that I am loved.

I also know who you are -  for we are cut of the same Universal cloth.


Here's a resume of sorts:


Accredited Journey Practitioner - Core Cell Memory Healing (Brandon Bays)

Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning Practitioner (Richard Bandler)

Certified Conversational Hypnotist - IAPCH

Reconnective Healing Practitioner - Eric Pearl

Reiki Practitioner

Quantum Touch


Certified Prosperity Guide (Elyse Hope Killoran)

Energy Healing

Body Work - Intuitive Touch and Healing Practitioner

Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Intuitive, Amplifier



Writing & Creativity Coach

Creator & Facilitator : "Inky Well" writing program

Contributing Author - Living the Journey, Brandon Bays

Contributor/Slug- the Good Men Project

Contributor - Wild Woman Sisterhood

Columnist - The Midland Mirror

Love letters


Ghost writer - shhhhh, it's a secret.



Dr. Suess

Hans Christian Anderson

Carol Burnett

Mae West






My thoughts


My mother

My mother's lovers

My mother's mother


My thoughts


With Love,

Jasmine I  💋