When you decide to speak from your soul, a writer is born

I bet you think you're here because you want to write and you are - for the most part...

Writing will be the the means by which you do what your urge to write is seeking to fulfill; your clear, truthful, powerful, passionate, personal self-expression. 

But it takes more than putting quill to parchment or fingers to keyboard to write with impact. 

To move a reader is a feat courage that comes from within. 

You must be willing to forge a clear and deep connection to your emotions while being steady enough to complete, step back, edit and rewrite as if the words you birthed belonged to anyone but you.

Along the way, you will encounter obstacles in the guise of toothy boogey-men that will tell you why you cannot, and must not, write.

They will, or already have, filled you with the poison of doubt, inadequacy and fear.

These voices of torment must be faced, wined, dined and evicted.

Any damages incurred to your creative expression must be sorted and healed with compassion, clarity, love and understanding.

If evicting the raging monsters of creative fear were easy to do, then the ninety-two percent of the population that dreams of writing a book and telling their story would, and our world become richer because of it.

Unfortunately it is not because they don't. 

They can't because they don't know that the only way to it, is through it.

That's where I come in.

With a professional background in healing, personal development and writing I am uniquely qualified to help you supersede anything (and I mean anything) that stands in your way of saying what you need to say and doing what you want to do.

The best way to begin is for us to talk.

Contact me here and we'll arrange a time to meet virtually or via landline. If you're in the Toronto area, we have the option of meeting in person.

once you clear what blocks your pen, words flow with greater ease, elegance and grace - and so does your life! 
I’ve spent the last two weeks submerged in the depths of writing. My heart spilling upon the page... In truth, this story was written with great purpose, bigger than I first imagined. 

I am thrilled and excited to have sent off what I feel is a beautiful story about Ralston for the Chicken Soup for the Soul submission process! 

Never have I delved so courageously into my heart. Swimming in the rawest of emotion while breathing through tender emotions that I had no idea still lay dormant within me now one year out. I was a blubbering hot mess ...I’ll admit, I started with the sanitized pretty versions in the beginning- they had little impact...Each time I sit down to craft words that express my heart I get more and more clear with what can be felt when I do.

Writing is a powerful way to heal those raw nerves that we try so desperately to hide from. If you haven’t written your way through something- I invite you to try it. Your grandest impact will unfurl itself and bloom into something beyond your wildest imaginings!

For now, I wait and hold the clear intention for celebration down the road. And in all actuality- I already am celebrating! My heart feels lighter.

With great love and courage.